Dragon Con 2019 video!

We were so thrilled to be invited to play at Dragon Con. The crowd didn’t disappoint – full of friends and new faces, it was an incredible experience!! I edited this video to try to capture the energy of what being there felt like.


We are so excited to be playing Atlanta’s biggest pop culture festival, DRAGON CON!! We have a whopping FOUR shows lined up for the weekend, a big stage show on Thursday night, 10:30PM at Hyatt Centennial II-III, and then three more concourse shows – Friday and Sunday, 8:30PM at the Westin Overlook (6th floor) and Monday 2:30 PM at the Westin Overlook. Can’t wait to see all your horrifying spectacular cosplays, and for you to see ours!

Oh Yeah!!!

Thanks to everybody who came out to our first run of shows, we had a blast at all of them! We’ll have more lined up soon and we’ve still got some pics and videos trickling in. Going to try to get some recording time in soon, and get back out there playing for all of you as soon as we can! Here’s a few of the flyers, we were so proud to be involved in each of these events.

Think Tank

Got this awesome live mix from our show at Red Light Cafe (first time playing our originals in public!!) Thanks, Michael!


HollyFest XI was an absolute blast! It was an honor to share the stage with so many amazing bands covering songs from Buddy Holly, Big Bopper, and Ritchie Valens all night. Thanks to Reverend Andy for the video!