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Straight outta their graves in Atlanta, GA, The Tomb Tones will trick or treat your ears to a witch’s brew of hokey horror references, infectious hooks, and spooky storytelling that’s oozing with Halloween punk rock sweetness. Drawing inspiration from classic novelty rock and favorites like The Cramps, Ramones, and the B-52s, The Tomb Tones have made their own monster by realizing a spooktacular vision for a cartoonish Buddy-Holly-meets-The-Twilight-Zone aesthetic.

The band hit the stage in 2019, playing festivals such as Bubbapalooza, Rockabillaque, and Dragon Con, known as “the world’s largest fan run pop culture convention.” In 2020, The Tomb Tones released their debut album “Pumpkin Guts,” comprised of seven hair-raising hits, produced DIY-style by the band. Their newest 2023 release, “Ghost of Toast” sees the band coming into their own sound with a more experimental style while tapping deeper into their rock-and-roll roots and signature comedic horror story wordplay, while paying homage to late-nite horror specials such as Elvira’s Movie Macabre and Tales From the Crypt.

“An exceptional mix of modern styles and old-school surf influence… I can’t wait to see how the band continues their evolution”

– Kyle Scharf, HorrorHound Magazine

“‘My Girlfriend’s A Zombie’ from Atlanta trio The Tomb Tones is a magical psychobilly concoction created from the entrails of the Cramps blended in a witches cauldron with a hair of The Stray Cats and the eye of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is what they listen to on the set of the Walking Dead.”

– Fresh Sounds Music Blog

“I am gonna play as much of your music on this show as I possibly can… My new favorite band, for real.”

– Dan & Faith, Late Night Fright Podcast

“Every song is a banger… The whole album is a bop.”

– Rikk R Treat’s Punk’n Patch Reviews

“7 beautiful songs, a bit raw and retro, yet energetic horror punk the way it should be done… Superb little record, versatile and strong, like the horror scene itself.”

– Kraykulla Webzine

“’Monster Movie’ tells a story in which our character expresses his lament at the terrifying dilemma, for the realm in which he finds himself caught is an unspecified classic creature feature, and *damn* what a lively tune.”

– Patrick C. Greene, FearWriter