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Straight outta their graves in Atlanta, GA, THE TOMB TONES will trick or treat your ears to a witch’s brew of hokey horror references, infectious hooks, and spooky storytelling that’s oozing with novelty Halloween punk rock sweetness. Drawing inspiration from classic favorites like The Cramps, The Ramones, and the B-52s, THE TOMB TONES have made their own monster by realizing a spooktacular vision for a cartoonish Buddy-Holly-meets-The-Twilight-Zone aesthetic.

In 2019, they were invited to play at Dragon Con – described as “the largest multi-genre pop culture convention in the universe.” The Tomb Tones joined Batcave Records in fall 2020 with their first official EP, “PUMPKIN GUTS,” seven hair-raising hits, self produced by the band and mastered by Rene D La Muerte (of The Brains/Nekromantix).

“‘My Girlfriend’s A Zombie’ from Atlanta trio The Tomb Tones is a magical psychobilly concoction created from the entrails of the Cramps blended in a witches cauldron with a hair of The Stray Cats and the eye of The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. This is what they listen to on the set of the Walking Dead.”

– Fresh Sounds Music Blog

“I am gonna play as much of your music on this show as I possibly can… My new favorite band, for real.”

– Dan & Faith, Late Night Fright Podcast

“Every song is a banger… The whole album is a bop.”

– Rikk R Treat’s Punk’n Patch Reviews

“7 beautiful songs, a bit raw and retro, yet energetic horror punk the way it should be done… Superb little record, versatile and strong, like the horror scene itself.”

– Kraykulla Webzine